Join Slow Food USA in September and help support local chapter activities!

For us to get the share, you must sign up at - not the standard membership page on Slow Food USA!

Slow Food Rochester is an all volunteer organization and doesn't receive funds from the national Slow Food. In September, however, we will receive half of all the membership fees to Slow Food USA for newly joining members!
Slow Food Rochester aims to promote a wide range of educational and stimulating events throughout the year, and strives to make all events accessible to all, operating entirely on a donation basis. Especially in this first year of our new operation, we have significant expenses for infrastructure to support our ongoing operations. Your donation now will help us get through this startup time and ensure we can offer a wide range of events all through the year.

Member Benefits

By joining Slow Food, you get all the benefits of membership in Slow Food USA, plus local benefits from Slow Food Rochester, including

Two members-only potluck dinners a year

Access to a new DVD library for hosting film discussion evenings

Members-only meetings with special speakers before or after events

Meeting with the board each year to discuss Slow Food activities

Advanced notice of events, helping you avoid the risk of events selling out.

Also, during the month of September, Slow Food USA allows you to pay whatever you can to become a member. You choose the level of support that works for you!

Join Slow Food USA at

Already a member of Slow Food USA?

You can make a tax-deductible contribution directly to Slow Food Rochester via paypal

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Sixty friends attended the Fall farm dinner at Honeyhill Farm
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Six friends of Slow Food hosted potluck dinners in September
Slow Food Rochester strives to offer most events on a donation basis. In addition, to support our farmers and local businesses, we always offer to pay their cost for goods and don't ask for donations outright. With great volunteer help, we can host wonderful events like the farm dinner at truly minimal cost. Help us continue these activities!