Oct 2012

Food Day at Lento sold out, but you can still get the tasting menu!

We have reached capacity of the area we are holding our Food Day event. There is still plenty of room in the restaurant, however,
and you can still reserve for the Food Day tasting menu. The only difference is that you’ll be seated nearby our event, and might have to get up to view the videos if you want to. The tasting menu will be available all evening.

Food Day Event at Lento!

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Come to our Food Day event, including a five course meal at Lento and the debut of Food Mythbusters, the first of a series of short videos on the myths that support industrial agriculture! Space is limited, reserve you place soon! more info here

Food Day is a nationwide celebration of and movement toward more healthy, affordable, and sustainable food culminating in a day of action on October 24 every year. Food Day aims to bring us closer to a food system with “real food” that is produced with care for the environment, animals, and the women and men who grow, harvest, and serve it.

Liz Henderson now blogs on Slow Food!

We are delighted and honored to announce that Elizabeth Henderson is now a guest blogger on the Slow Food Rochester blog. Elizabeth farmed at Peacework Farm in Wayne County, New York, producing organically grown vegetables for the fresh market for over 30 years. She is a member of the Board of Directors of the Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York (NOFA-NY), and represents NOFA  on the Management Committee of the Agricultural Justice Project. In 2009 NOFA-NY honored her with a Lifetime Achievement Award.  Her writings on organic agriculture appear in The Natural Farmer and other publications, and she is the lead author of Sharing the Harvest: A Citizen’s Guide to Community Supported Agriculture (Chelsea Green, 2007). She also wrote A Food Book for a Sustainable Harvest for the 300 members of the Genesee Valley Organic Community Supported Agriculture Project (GVOCSA) in its twenty fourth year in 2012.

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Pam Warhurst created a grassroots movement that has transformed the town on Todmorgen in the UK, with food plants throughout the town, creating a vibrant local food economy!
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Ann Cooper talks about the coming revolution in the way kids eat at school -- local, sustainable, seasonal and even educational food.
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We are a proud member of the international Slow Food community.

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