Don't miss our Home Garden Tour this Sunday, May 6th

At the Slow Food Evening last Sunday we found out that one of our guests has an garden from which they harvest vegetables almost all year round! They are offering a spring vegetable garden tour from 3-5 PM, this Sunday May 6.

2012 begins my fourth year of home gardening.  Each year I am doing more things and finding new ideas to try:

1. rodent and deer proof fencing
2.  seedlings indoors on heated seed bed and under lights
3. raised beds
4. cold frame lettuces being harvested now
5. cover cloths for winter protection
6. netting for bug protection
7. wintering over herbs
8. 'Garden of Eden' cabbage patch - I just set up a 2x8 bed this way
9. Rye cover crop - unless we till it in before Sunday
10. ceramic pots witha  cloche for spinach and lettuces
11. wide row peas planted the beginning of March, now 4' tall, others planted later just starting to sprout
12. Garlic planted and mulched last fall up and growing one foot tall
13. Beginning pickings of 30 year old asparagus bed

We were able to have herbs and greens through December both this year and last year with the use of the cover cloths.  And this year having set up the cold frame last fall we've been harvesting lettuce and herbs such as spinach, arugala, kale, asian greens, radishes, pea spouts, romaine, dear tongue lettuce, corn lettuce, parsley, rosemary,chives, sage, burnet, french sorrel since the first of March.  I have full size plants of escarole and broccoli that will be ready for picking very early.

While the focus is on seeing the garden possibilities, we will offer some appetizer/snacks and welcome any food or beverage offerings.  Guests are welcome to wander around the yard rain or shine.

Our home is off Holt Road in Webster, about 3 miles north of route 104.

Stan and Maria Raczka
1149 Hidden Valley Trail
Webster, NY 14580

For more information: call 585-330-4410

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