Films at Greentopia

Check out the films at the Greentopia Festival this week of great interest to Slow Food Rochester. Tickets and more information on the Greentopia films available online.

Cafeteria Man

Wednesday, Sept. 12, 6:45 pm at the Forest Cinema

“Healthy eating in schools has to start somewhere, and Baltimore is as good a place as any. Enter Cafeteria Man and Tony Geraci, a food-industry veteran who launches an audacious plan to transform the diet of Baltimore’s public school students by trading pizza and processed foods for balanced meals featuring healthier alternatives with organic, locally grown ingredients. Chisolm’s film matches Geraci’s wit and good-natured determination as the chef-turned-activist battles bureaucracy and encourages kids, parents and even school administrators to contemplate what’s on their plates.”

Soul Food Junkies

Thursday, Sept. 13, 6:00 pm at the Little Theater

“With a mixture of fondness and tragic fascination, Byron Hunt recalls growing up with soul food at his family dinner table – fried chicken, collard greens seasoned with ham hocks, macaroni and cheese, fried pork chops and more – as well as the effects of that diet on his father, whose premature death from pancreatic cancer prompted this culinary retrospective. The intimate and respectful Soul Food Junkies explores the origins of this quintessentially African American cuisine whose history is as rich as the food itself, and its enduring legacy – in terms of both health and culture. It will make you think. It will make you hungry.”

Symphony of the Soil

Friday, Sept. 14, 6:00 pm at Nazareth College

This is the film we watched previews from and discussed at a Slow Food Evening last April. Now you can see the entire film!
“It’s no coincidence that we use the same word for the dirt beneath our feet as for the planet on which we live. While the Earth gives us a home, the earth – the soil – sustains us. With Symphony for the Soil, filmmaker Deborah Koons Garcia draws insights from a broad field of experts – farmers, scientists and more – about the delicate balance of our fertile soil, and the importance of maintaining that balance for sustainable agriculture, energy, water and other key elements to human survival. Symphony of the Soil celebrates that importance, and asks us to think differently.”

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