The Rochester area has a growing number of farms offering Community Supported Agriculture. See a recent article in the D&C (March 19, 2012), Also, you can check out the list of local CSA produced by NOFA-NY or the more extensive list produced by

This page is in progress. We are collecting a comprehensive list of CSA's in the area. Here's a preliminary list from the Rochester Farm Connection recently from Elizabeth Henderson in 2012.

There are now over 4100 weekly shares available from area farms. The
content of the shares is highly variable, different mixes of vegetables,
some also have fruit and herbs, so they are hard to compare. There are also
farms offering meat shares, flower shares and even alpaca clothing.

Based on Karen Miltner's article in the D and C, I made up this chart to
show how many weeks each vegetable CSA provides, and what the charge is per
week for the full or large shares. I start with the *Certified Organic *CSAs

Clearview: $25/wk for 20 weeks ˆ new

Fellenz Family: $25/wk for 24 weeks

GVOCSA: sliding scale from $17 to $26 for 26 weeks

Porter: $16.30 for 22 weeks

*Farmers Pledge *CSA farms:

East Hill: $25/wk for 20 weeks

Maxwell Creek: $30.30/wk for 13 weeks, also home delivery for additional

Mud Creek: Sliding scale from $28.70 to $35 for 20 weeks

Windy Meadows: $11.35 for 22 weeks

Other farms:

B & C Christ: $20.60/wk for 23 weeks

Burning Bush: # weeks not stated

Clover Road: $32.80/wk for 16 weeks

Fenton's Produce: $17/wk for 23 weeks

Fiddler's Green: $25/wk for 20 weeks

G&S Orchards: $23.60/wk for 19 weeks

Goldmar: $25.70/wk for 20 weeks

Greens and Beans: $21-$22.70/wk for 22 weeks

Kindred Ground: $25.70/wk for 20 weeks

Kirby: $25/wk for 26 weeks

Lagoner: $29/wk for 22 weeks

McCracken: $15/wk for 20 weeks ˆ new

Our Shepherd: $31 membership, then by order

Robb: $20/wk for 13 weeks

St. Fiacre: sliding scale from $17 to $29/wk for 22 weeks

Wickham: $29.70/wk for 20 weeks

Local Farm Food Subscription Service:

Good Food Collective: $29/wk for 18 weeks