Come celebrate the rebirth of Slow Food Rochester with our Fall Farm Dinner at Honeyhill Farm!
Saturday, September 24th - tours starting at 4, eating at 5:30
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Come eat as local as it gets -- right off the farm! Honeyhill Farm is a certified organic farm in Livonia and grows some of the best chickens you ever have tasted. Many of you have probably seen Fred Forsburg at the South Wedge and Brighton farmer's markets.

Slow Food Rochester will be providing chicken right off the farm, and sweet corn from nearby. Please bring a dish
made from healthy local ingredients to share: appetizers, salads, desserts, and/or beverages (local beer and wine allowed). It also will help if you can bring your own dishes and utensils - we'd like to generate as little waste as possible from this event.

Dinner will start 5:30-6:00PM. Come early, from 4PM on, for farm tours and lively discussion. Come see how chickens and cows should be raised - out in the fields.

It is also just past Autumn equinox. As a celebration of this event, they'll be two large bonfires in the fields at dusk, weather allowing. You might want to bring lawn chairs and warmer clothes if you want to sit in the fields by the bonfires.

Children are allowed, but we want to remind parents that this is a working farm, with farming equipment, electric fences, and so on. They'll be a play area designated around the Gazebo, but children will need to be carefully supervised by their parents at all times.

As a matter of principle, we do not require a fee for any Slow Food Rochester events as we want them to be available to all. However, a $10 donation per person will cover our costs towards the best chicken you've ever eaten. Please give what you can. More than $10 will help us continue our no-fee policy. There will be a donation bucket at the dinner, but if you can pay online, it simplifies things for us greatly.

Please look at what others are bringing to help you decide what to bring and fill in the form to let others know what you've decided.

Here's a list of things to bring:
- a dish to pass, with serving utensils and a label describing the dish, or beverages
- warm clothing
- chairs, we don't have enough for everyone
- plates, cups, cutlery, to minimize garbage
- a flashlight if you plan to stay after dusk.

Sold out! click here to hear about future events

you can contact us about the event at (585) 330-4410.

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Fred demonstrates the garlic harvester he's developing

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Chickens get lots of exercise on the farm with the feed at one end of the field, and water at the other!

Honeyhill Farm is in Livonia, NY, a half hour drive from Rochester: 6241 Price Rd, Livonia, NY. Click the link below for directions
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